Hot Hot Hot

hot hot hot

Hot summer days call for hot summer colours.

Check out these fantastic hot pink breeches by Musto, best combined with a basic green tank top by Uniqlo and some super cute summer time accessories. Mind you, even hot summer days have chilly mornings, so make sure you throw on your JOTT Melodie lightweight jacket when you leave the house.

Keep your rider accessories classy, black and timeless like the KASK Star lady helmet,  a pair of SSG Gloves and a pair of exquisite Cavallo dressage boots.

Bring your #rootd to life with some extremely fashionable and hot accessories like the personalized C4 pink and silver belt (shop this one or any other C4belt with a 10% discount at check out when using code ‘C4TSE10‘). Change your boots for a pair of these pink Dr Martens to hang out around the barn or to pop into the city for a drink and make sure you’re wearing your hot pink Dolce & Gabbana shades on a hot summers’ day.

Last but no least, finish of your hot summer look with a floral and fabulous Gucci bag.

Have a stylish ride!



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