Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Jolanda Adelaar Rossi

JAR final

jolanda_adelaar_rossi5Jolanda Adelaar Rossi is a Dutch-Italian dressage rider, trainer and Equine Behaviour Therapist located in Northern Italy near fashion capital Milan, where she is training horses for Italian International Dressage rider Norma Paoli. Norma is currently in The Netherlands training with Anky van Grunsven to get ready for Rio. She lives on the premises of the equestrian centre Malaspina where she also has her two horses.

Jolanda became known by competing at high level dressage against the ‘regular’ sport horses with her 1.49m Fjord horse called “Guus”. She competed with Guus in all Olympic disciplines (jumping, dressage, eventing). In 2000 she became Champion Region Breda individual dressage level Z2 with Guus. In 2001 she scored 20 times over a 62% with Guus in the Dutch Z2 level between the ‘regular’ sport horses.

foto_door_by_diana_bloemendalIn 2005 Jolanda was asked to perform as the special act at the FEI World Cup dressage Final, showing the most difficult exercises of the Grand Prix dressage. Jolanda trained her horse on her own without professional instruction, made the musical freestyle herself and wore a self-made dress. After her performance at the World Cup Dressage in 2005, Jolanda been asked to show the freestyle with her Guus on many other national and international events in Europe.

In 2007 Jolanda was the first rider who was qualified for the Subtop dressage level of Holland with a Fjord horse. Competing in this level, Jolanda could be accepted at the Master Class NHB Deurne, and in 2008 Jolanda started training with Olympic dressage rider Marlies van Baalen. In 2010, the Tinley Academy offered Jolanda a sponsored scholarship of 5 years in animal behaviour science and she graduated as an Equine Behaviour Therapist in 2013.

Jolanda_adelaar_carletto_015_desori_horseIn 2012 Jolanda bought “Carletto” in Apulia, a 3 year old approved Murgese stallion. The Murgese is an Italian Baroque horse breed, which is bred in Apulia, one of the richest archaeological regions in Italy and kept there for centuries.

In between her riding, teaching, training and becoming a certified equine behaviour therapist, Jolanda has also found the time to have a successful career as a model on the side.

Jolanda’s inspirational life story and her choice to make a change in the equestrian world, has made her a popular equestrian athlete influencing thousands of young equestrians around the world.

Jolanda is not only extremely fashionable and an accomplished rider, she has also written various articles, is a blogger for  Bit Magazine and author of the book “Guus”.

Like her style? Here is all the info you need to get Jolanda’s look and your guide to all the brands she loves:

Jolanda loves a pop of colour in her clothing and accessories, but likes to stick to the classic equestrian colours when training her horses: “I love a classic look with red, navy and the occasional plaid print” Jolanda said “whatever i’m wearing can in no way distract from the horses’  performance and appearance, that’s why I keep it classy and simple”. Only the best is good enough for her horses and that’s why she swears by her Brandt fully customised saddles (hers have white piping matching her bridle and the Italian flag  integrated) and brow bands from Judi Manche in the Italian Tricolore.

Her look combines a classic pair of jeans breeches by Pikeur, with a super classy red Tory Birch polo shirt and Barbour hackamore navy blue light weight jacket for the chilly Italian mornings.

She absolutely loves her custom made Alberto Fasciani boots (she also has Jodphurs and chaps from them). “The boots are of the highest quality and fit your leg like a glove” Jolanda told us. Alberto Fasciani’s newest range of boots have a special feature of high tech elasticated material on the inner leg which provides a very natural and close contact with your horse, while still providing the support of a classic dressage boot.

Jolanda likes her KEP Italia white helmet, as it can get extremely hot riding outside in the Italian sunshine and the white helmet both protects your head, but also keep you cooler than the conventional dark colours. Besides the practical aspect, the white helmet is super stylish, a bit different and fits with any outfit.

No outfit is complete without some Italian style accessories. The Desori Horse bag is a great addition to any #rootd or regular outfit: the horse theme is classy and subtle and the quality of the Italian leather is top notch. A vintage Gucci logo belt, a pair of SSG Gloves and a matching Diane von Furstenburg scarf finish off Jolanda’s look.

Find out more about Jolanda here:




Have a stylish ride!



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