Darker than black

Darker than black.png

Even in summer time, we sometimes just want to wear our trusted, stylish, fits with everything black. When you’re going for the timeless and classy (yet maybe a bit gloomy) all black look, then make sure you do it in style.

Start with the most elegant pair of black breeches you can find, like this exquisite ‘Jump’ pair from Hermes. Topped with a T shirt expression your true intentions for the day: ‘i’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker LUSHTSHIRTS.CO.UK.

For the chilly summer mornings, and a pop of rugged chic, add a stylish moto look suede vest like this one from Denim wardrobe by Trilogy.

Accessorise with the most stylish black items you can find like the Antares Shagreen glory black helmet, a pair of exceptional Roeckl summer Chester gloves, the versatile and stylish Asmar Equestrian signature leather reversible belt, avoid helmet hair with this Horka suede baseball cap and Asmar Equestrian calf hair lady duffle bag to bring along all your necessities for the day.

No outfit is complete without a pair of classic black boots: this pair is model 33904 from Alberto Fasciani, who is well-known for the production of high quality riding boots.

All of the riding boots are tailor made using high quality leather which can be adapted to meet the rider’s needs. What makes these boots so special is not only their immaculate style, but also that the inside of the boot is made of a special extra layer to ensure better contact with your horse.

Have a stylish ride!






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