Mellow yellow

mellow yellow

Some days call for that perfect mix edginess, sophistication and color… well here you have it!

Edgier than edgy is the epic Tight Pant Tall Boots shirt by Phyllis Stein – LOVE it! And what about this grey Cromo T Helmet by KEP Italia? Edgy, right?

Sophistication comes with the super comfortable (washable!) jersey grey blazer by Fay. Jersey blazers are technically just a sweatshirt, but cut better – what more do you want? The Celeris Bia boots are the epitomy of riding boots sophistication and are paired perfectly with the Roeckl caramel gloves and Shop Hunt Club Flying Changes Derby belt.

Add on a grey and yellow plaid scarf by and the super racetrack totebag by Paul and Lydia to finish off your sophisticated ensemble.

Last but not least – the pop of color – Yellow is certainly one of the hottest colors this spring! This stunning pair of breeches is by Horka, who caries many many more amazing colors to spice up any outfit.

Have a stylish ride!


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