Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Nicola Baur

nicola baur final
Meet Nicola Baur, an Austrian dressage rider, competing since 8 years old all the way up to Grand Prix level. She even competed for the Austrian team in 5 European championships juniors and young riders. Not only is she a natural beauty, fashionista and talented professional rider,  she is also incredibly smart having studied hotel management.
She has always worked as a professional rider, mainly in Switzerland and Germany but also in Austria where.3 years ago she and her partner decided to Nicola Baur 12take over the family-in-law’s business. They moved to the picturesque spa and mountain resort of Bad Gastein in the middle of the Austrian alps.
This is where her big dream came true: build a small private stable with indoor arena and paddocks only for her horses and 2-3 young horses for training to continuing her professional riding career.
She has always been a self confessed fashion-maniac and was spotted by a London agency 2 years ago in Bad Gastein: they thought her style was quite outstanding for someone living in the middle of the forest with all the horses, dogs and sheep and asked her to  write a fashion blog for them. Thanks to her unique point of view the blog became very successful very fast. At this moment Nicola’s Grand Prix horse was retired, one stallion was injured, and there were no stunning young horses in sight, so she took the chance to unleash her inner fashionista and started travelling to all the fashion weeks from Paris, London, Milan to New Delhi and Kiev for the blog.
Nicola Baur 11But permanent travelling meant not being with the animals and she started to miss riding and competing so much that last autumn she came to the crucial point where she had to decide whether to stay in fashion or return ‘home’.
 Home and horses it was, and as things happen she was extremely lucky to find some beautiful and talented young horses as well as an excellent trainer. At the moment she is working with her two stallions: Fürst Frederik (aka Keksi) a 9 year old licensed and approved Oldenburger stallion now starting to compete his first season S-level (St. Georges/Intermediate I) and Cornelis (aka Conny) a 5 year old licensed Oldenburger stallion, who is Keksi’s half-brother.
Her retired Grand Prix horse, Dondolo, will be turning 21 this year, and still insists on being worked every morning and then enjoying the rest of his day in the paddock with his two Shetlandpony friends Joschi and Lara.
And last but not least Escorial (aka Eddy) a 5 year old Hanoverian gelding, super talented, still owned by his breeders and one of her big future hopes.
Nicola loves to mix some fashion/designer pieces with the equestrian wear

‘I love the way my bright red Bella Freud jumper looks with the Animo denim breeches, and competition wear should always have a touch of glam with my favorite Hermes belt and for my plastron and I always wear a Lanvin brooch saying ‘Love’ (because this is my nickname 😉 ‘

Like Nicola’s style? Here’s the break down of the outfit so you can shop the look yourself:
Nicola loves the look and fit of these Animo breeches, and this color will let you combine it with just about anything. On top, a functional and classy shirt from Kingsland combined with a super stylish Markus Lupfer bomber jacket for the chilly mornings in the Austrian alps (Nicola told us she spotted this bomber in London fashion week and instantly fell in love with it!).
Her favorite gloves without a doubt are made by Roeckl and the keychain, also by Roeckl, adds a nice touch to the ensemble. Nicola loves her Samshield competition helmet and swears by her Konigs custom made boots.
Finishing touches are Nicola’s favorites: a classic black Hermes belt and of course the Lanvin LOVE pin.
Nicola and the stylish equestrian wish you a very stylish ride!


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