What if you could wear a fabulous casual outfit to school, work, uni or shopping and then go straight to schooling your horse in exactly the same thing? Would be great right? Good news, here it is!

Imperial Riding does the best casual / riding wear that’s suitable for any occasion: check out these stunning Aida jeans full seat breeches and the fresh ‘Move with me’ mint colored sweater. Add on a non iron, easy wear white sleeveless shirt from Lands’ End for a touch of class.

It’s the accessories that make this outfit perfect for school/work with the Marc Jacobs laptop bag, an HV polo baseball cap, Gucci pink belt and the Ted Baker fluffy pompom bag charm and scarf.

Then for your schooling change to the magnificent KEP Italia blue chromo shine helmet and add on your favorite pair of SSG Gloves.

The Königs polo laced boots are so elegant you’ll want to wear them as much as you possibly can, regardless of where you are.

Have a stylish ride!


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