The daisy chain

Aren’t Daisies just the happiest little flowers? Here’s a way to incorporate these little beauties into your ROOTD. It’s all about the accessories with this daisy look: check out the Kate Spade tote bag and matching scarf. Additionally, the Betsey Johnson key ring and Casetify phone case seem to have been custom made for this outfit. Add on a […]

Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Nicola Baur

Meet Nicola Baur, an Austrian dressage rider, competing since 8 years old all the way up to Grand Prix level. She even competed for the Austrian team in 5 European championships juniors and young riders. Not only is she a natural beauty, fashionista and talented professional rider,  she is also incredibly smart having studied hotel management. She has […]


What if you could wear a fabulous casual outfit to school, work, uni or shopping and then go straight to schooling your horse in exactly the same thing? Would be great right? Good news, here it is! Imperial Riding does the best casual / riding wear that’s suitable for any occasion: check out these stunning […]