Boho chique

boho chique

The boho chique trend is the hottest ticket for this spring time, so why not bring it to the stables too?

The boho 70s style shirts and tops can be found anywhere ranging from high end designers to high street fast fashion shops, this one is from Calypso St Bart.

Keep the rest simple and chique with a pair of black riding breeches from Harry’s Horse, and a classy and functional black vest from The North Face. This Miasuki helmet is a gorgeous addition to any riders outfit and the SSG gloves fit perfectly with the color scheme. Finally, add on a pair of Petrie custom black polo riding boots.

Finish off the looks with some stylish accessories like the Caracol Silver stirrup bangle and the black and silver The Horse watch.

Peace out and have stylish ride!





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  1. Great fashion on this site, I have just started to blog. Maybe checkout my new equestrian lifestyle and fashion blog. Maybe even follow?

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