The weekender

 Lots of us are packing for a long weekend of Easter festivities. A weekend full of fun, food and hopefully a horse or two.

So, what do you pack? An outfit that can take you from the family brunch straight to the stable of course!

Start with a simple black shirt, this will make any outfit look sophisticated. Pair this with neutral colored breeches, like these from PK International. Throw in a cream colored vest for the chilly Easter mornings and top it off with a gorgeous Rönner design wrap.

Pack all of your weekend essentials in this Asmar Equestrain duffel bag, including your Charles Owen helmet and SSG gloves.

Finalize the brunch to barn look with a pair of Saint Laurent classic black sunglasses, the Savannah hat from Vanner hats and a pair of Secchiari custom boots.

Have a lovely Easter weekend and a very stylish ride!


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