Hi Ted!

hi ted

I’m a big fan of Ted Baker, and I’ve always wanted to include some of their pieces in an equestrian style. So, here it is! Hi, Ted!

Check out this wonderful shirt which combines both the plaid and the floral trends of this spring. The shirt pulls together two of my favorite colors too:

The splash of soft pink/coral in the flowers is highlighted by these Tuffrider neon ladies breeches and the green of the leaves goes perfectly with the HKM Laura Garrelli Paris moss green vest.

Keep the helmet, boots and gloves simple in a warm shade of brown: this helmet is from Charles Owen, the gloves are from Carrots and the boots are custom made dressage boots from Kempkens.

The accessories are definitively the finishing touch to this outfit: the unmissable horseshoe bagcharm in green is from Sport Horse Lifestyle and the pink headphones are from FRENDS.

Say hi to Ted too today!?

Have a stylish ride!


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