All that glitters

all that glitters

Why not start your week going for gold… and silver… and all other shiny things.

Let’s go bottom up on this one: starting with the gorgeous and daring metallic boots custom made by the DeNiro Boot Co. These boots go great with some neutral yet incredibly classy Cavallo breeches.

Layer on some statement pieces for warmth and style starting off with the Equestrianista  Tee with gold print, a J Crew vest and top it off with this shiny Kingsland jacket.

Finally some accessories to complete the look: the unmistakable Uvex suxxeed paisly gold helmet, a pair of matching Roeckl gloves and Oliver Peoples sunnies.

No one starts off the week good without a matching statement coffee mug! Get your own from the incredibly cool equestrian apparel and accessories brand 20×60.

Have a stylish ride!

all that glitters 1



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