2016: Color, technology & personalization

Color technology personalization

When browsing through all the wonderful horsie goods on offer this weekend at the Zurich CSI 2016, there were 3 big trends that stood out for 2016:


Gone are the times that we only had beige and dark blue riding breeches. All variety of colors and materials are now on offer, with a range of technical advances and a wide variety of choice of grip and flexibility. Also the riding boot color choice has been taken to the next level including personalized color features to make them yours and yours only.


Not only the range of technological benefits to the breeches stood out, but also on point fashionable technical outerwear is broadly offered. Technology, wearability and style shines through in lightweight breathable outerwear, grip gloves and riding helmets. Technological improvements are heavily featured in all riding tack as well.


Biggest trend of 2016 is personalization: once upon a time the only form of personalization was to have the name of your horse embroidered on the blanket, but now, you can choose every single feature on your helmet, personalize the top of your boots and have all of your tack embossed in any way you want.

Check out ‘mysamshield’ for helmet personalization and Vincero or DeNiro custom boots and J.O.T.T. for super colorful lightweight down jackets.

Color technology personalization 2

Looking forward to a bright and colorful 2016!


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